5 things to live by to LVL up your life

Looking to be more positive in the new year? Here’s 5 things you can do to generally better yourself!

  1. See the positive in any situation –  We all have times where it feels like everything in our life is going wrong. It’s so easy to get into a negative mindset and get stuck in this cycle. Try to see the good things in the bad and learn from the lessons that life is throwing at you. After all, if you’ve learned something from the experience, was it really THAT bad?

Tip: Take a moment when you’re faced with a negative situation, you have the choice to how you’ll react. Rather than choosing to lash out or allow that grey cloud to loom over your head, choose to be rational. Every dark and stormy night has a morning, take control!

2. Be yourself and don’t change for others – Although this one is easier said than done, try your best to accept who you truly are. Your life and experiences have shaped you into the person that you are today and that’s beautiful. Stick to your morals and ignore the noise coming from other people. Someone judging you for something you know isn’t true? Let them think what they want as YOU know yourself better than anyone.

Tip: Your feelings are valid, never be sorry for how you feel. Ignore that urge to let go of your own morals to fit in or get someone to like you. BE YOU.

3.  Let Go and Let God – You don’t have to believe in a God, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Don’t attempt to force things to happen in your life when they don’t want to. Although life throws some difficult obstacles at us all, it also brings us to where we need to be.

Tip: Don’t lose yourself. If you’ve had a difficult break up or didn’t get a job you really wanted, tell yourself it just wasn’t meant to be and learn from it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still want things. Go for it with all of your power, believe in it and if it’s meant to be, you’ll get it.

4. Be nicer – This one can sometimes be difficult when you’re dealing with others who may not reciprocate the kindness. That shouldn’t, however, stop you from being nice and helping others where you can. Honestly, it feels great and that feeling is enough to keep doing it!

Tip: Treat others how you wish to be treated. Don’t fall into someone else’s competitive trap or negative acts.

5. Stop worrying about the future – Live in the now! Tomorrow will always come around, so what’s the point of worrying about it? Worrying won’t make that interview, meeting, appointment or scary talk go away. Instead, prepare, prepare, prepare and try to keep positive about the whole thing.

Tip: Do something spontaneous! Try to distract yourself from the worry of the days, weeks, months or years to come. Have an interview coming up? Read our post on tips on how to LVL up your interviews here.

People will talk and think what they will. Try to follow these tips and be your best self!



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