“Be my valentine”

Most people nowadays seem to think that Valentine’s day is just a commercial holiday where card makers and gift sellers alike are given an opportunity to increase their sales. They believe that Valentine’s day is simply an illusion in which distracts them causing them to spend spend and spend. However, is there more to this holiday beneath the surface of pink hearts and loved up messaging?

The day originated as an honouring of one or two early saints known as ‘Valentinus’, but has since grown into a day where lovers exchange gifts and make romantic gestures to each other. Some believe in the origin story of the day and some believe that it’s a big scam by big companies aimed to boost consumerism.

Even if it was indeed a scam, what’s stopping us from celebrating anyway?A day to embrace love and to be grateful for each other and the simple acts of kindness that may go unnoticed on any other day. Whilst some argue that it’s the ‘waste of money’ aspect that puts them off, why not just set up something for your loved one that’s free?

Valentine’s day doesn’t seem to be going any where soon, so why not use it to your advance? Cook a dinner,  have a nice walk or just generally spend some time together! Oh, you’re single? So what! That’s no reason to hate the day.

Google defines love as “an intense feeling of deep affection,” surely this doesn’t just mean a romantic relationship? Love can be for anything! An object, friend, pet or family member. You don’t have to have a relationship to be happy on this day.

So why not make this Valentine’s day special? Tell that special person in your life what they actually mean to you or ask them the cliché (yet effective) “be my Valentine?.” You could even have a ‘Galentines’ or ‘Ladentines’ or just spend some time with your friends who are also single. If you do have that special someone already, why not use this opportunity to show them how much you care? Take them out or make them a dinner! That goes for those of you who are sitting there and thinking “well, we’re not really talking anymore…” make it up to them!

Valentine’s is just a day and more importantly, it’s what you make of it.

With love,



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