LVL’s favourites: Ariana Grande: Thank U, Next album

Ariana Grande has officially released her new album ‘Thank u, next’ only 6 months after her last one. Songs from the album are already all in the top charts pushing other artists out of the ball park completely.

It’s fair to say that Ariana has struggled with many issues in the past, yet being number one on the charts has not been one of these. It’s hard to find an album where you almost love every single song on the track list.

We’ve listened to each song (a few times) and have decided that our favourite songs in order of the ones we like the most are as follows;

  1. break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
  2. bloodline
  3. needy
  4. 7 rings
  5. thank u, next
  6. NASA
  7. bad idea
  8. fake smile
  9. in my head
  10. make up
  11. imagine
  12. ghostin

Of course, these may (and probably will) change at any moment, but for now, we’re loving it!

What’s your favourite song from the album? Comment below!



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