IKEA in Greenwich Review – Meatballs and All

I’ve been counting down the days till the new IKEA in Greenwich opens on the 7th February 2019, needless to say I went on opening day, and it didn’t disappoint.

Show rooms

This IKEA is worth visiting even if you have one near you as they have showroom for businesses, from barbers, flower shops, and restaurants, great for new starters and office places. The show rooms are nicely displayed with many photo-opps for families to take pictures in. The show rooms are trendy and inline what what consumers today are wanting. Due to the popularity of social media especially Instagram with younger audience, consumers today are younger, bolder and unique hence there are many different styles to choose from.


The layout is standard as it follows other the other IKEA building layout, with the arrows showing the direction you should go, the placement of the cafeteria (2nd floor) and the location of the checkout (warehouse), which makes it familiar and easy to navigate.

Meatball Meal

For our first meal out at this new IKEA, we all knew there was only one meal to get; the meatballs. Going as a family of 8 and it cost around £55, that’s crazy, everyone ate till they were stuffed. For dinner, we each had the 15 meatballs meal with mash/ chips, we discovered that 15 meatballs was far too much for us and would next time get the 10 meatball plate.

I would note that the coke had a weird taste, tasting more like sparkling water; a little weird. For drinks it’s a safer bet to go with tea/ coffee or cordially drinks. Plus if you have a loyalty card for IKEA you can get free cup of tea for yourself, the cup in the Greenwich one is much bigger than the one in Croydon which is great as you won’t have to refill your drink as often.

Overall the IKEA in Greenwich can make for a great day out with cheap food. With furniture shopping you can get a variety of items here which now include business products. 



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