Chinese New Year Decoration

Luna New Year Traditions

The Lunar New Year falls on the 5th February and is one of the most important date in the Chinese Calendar. 2019 is the year of the pig which symbolises kindness and wealth. Here are a few traditions to follow to ensure luck will follow you into the year and the reason for them too.

All things Red

In China, red is the luckiest colour, it symbolises luck, happiness and joy, which can’t have too much of it so wear red, decorate red and live red.

Spending time with Family

Spending time with the family is considered the most significant part of the new year and it also gives you an excuse for the family to get together for the year. In fact, Chinese New Year to the Chinese is Christmas to Westerners.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning gives an opportunity to have a fresh start, dusting every surface and decluttering will not only destress your life but will also get rid of the bad spirits you had gathered in the past year.

Fireworks/ Fire crackers
Fireworks were invented in China around 2,000 years ago and has been integrated in Chinese tradition as it is believed the loud sound of the fireworks will scare away evil spirits.


Gifts are usually exchanged around this time with food being the main gifts, like oranges which represents good fortune and ‘NainGao’, a Glutinous rice cake, that represents an increase in riches.

Unfortunately for married couples and fortunately for the children and singletons, married couples traditionally give out red envelope that contains money

On top of this, there are things you can’t do;

  1. Shower the day before

Get out of that shower at 11:59 because you can’t do that, doing so would ensure that you are washing away the good luck that comes on the New Year’s Day. Too late? Tie your hair in a bun, layer some deodorant since there is no point washing away your luck on the first day.

  1. No cleaning/ brushing – no throwing things away

Like the first point cleaning washes away your luck, which applies to object you started the year off with so hold off from throwing things away on the day, the most you can do is tie off the bins you would throw away the day after.

  1. No bad vibes

Brush of the negativity and sad thoughts and add no shouting to the list as that will stick to you for the whole year according to the Chinese New Year tradition.

  1. Do not break anything

I think in general you shouldn’t break anything but on New Year’s especially, it’s a bad omen that will stay with you for the rest of the year. This also applies to cuts, broken bones or getting sick, uncontrollable, but I don’t make the rules.

All these traditions are there for you to start your year off positivity, so if you didn’t check off all these traditions, no big deal, that’s all they are; traditions. Just start your year off with a positive energy and

Happy New Year, guys! Us at the LVL team wishes you all good health and fortune on this coming year.

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