Google+, farewell or good riddance?

Multinational conglomerate Google has officially announced their plan to retire Google+ after an audit to assess the security and privacy of the internet-based social network.

The audit found that there was an issue with the Google+ API that could mean that information on your profile could be accessed and utilised by third-party developers.

Although this issue was apparently patched in March, Google simply could not confirm that developers did not take advantage within this timeframe. Their analysis manifested that the profiles of up to 500,000 Google+ users were potentially breached.

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘what on earth is Google+?‘, you’re not alone. There has been heaps of confusion with users receiving emails from Google regarding the closure of their attempt at a social network. Most users have noted that they never realised they had even signed up for an account, which isn’t too much of a surprise due to Google making it so easy for you to accidentally sign up for the one!

Google+ is an internet-based social network owned and operated by Google. Upon its conception in June 2011, the aim of the network was to challenge more popular sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Google stated on their blog post regarding the demise of their network that there was awareness to the fact that that they had not achieved the broad consumer or developer adoption expected when setting out with the project.

The audit conducted simply crystallised the fact that the network was just not be worth the significant challenges that had been arising when attempting to maintain the product. This, alongside the low usage and engagement from users on the site, has lead to the ultimate demise of the network.

Google will be deleting the site until the final end date of April 2nd 2019, when Google+ will be no more.

Not sure if you have an account? If you didn’t receive an email regarding the site’s closure, you probably don’t have one. You can log in with your Google credentials here to check, though.

LVL’s tip: if you’re a business or someone who has put a G+ icon on your site or newsletters, you’d better start to take them down!

Will you miss Google+? Or did you have no idea it even existed?



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