What’s in my office bag? – Simple & Practical

My philosophy is practicality and simplicity, something to mindlessly throw over my shoulders and walk out the door with. Here are items that I use to on the daily that helps get me through the work week.

Bag Items layed out on a table


Bag: Basic Black Adidas Backpack

My tried and true. I’ve had this bag for a year now and it still looks brand new, and I’ve thrown my bag everywhere, it practically lives on the floor given that I never look after it. I remember paying only £12.99 for it too! A steal! The material that it is made from is mouldable, so it fits everything I need plus space for groceries, so I won’t need to consistently fork out 5p for plastic bags.

I know very boring, but black works with every colour, given that you might wake up in a panic some morning – me every morning – you’ll be glad that you chose black instead of that bright yellow cross body bag that clashes with your green sweater you just threw on.

Purse – Michael Kors

I got this for Christmas two years ago and it gives my life a lovely pop of colour being bright red. It keeps all my cards, cash and coins in one place with sections for each. It can even carry my gigantic phone (Google Pixel 2 XL) which mean it can double as a clutch on nights out.

Bullet Journal

If you like crossing things off you to do list, you can take that to the next level with a bullet journal, completely customisable which means you can personalise and set it up any ways you like. You just need to set aside some time at the beginning of each month to draw out your set up and done, one step closer to a more productive lifestyle.

For work I use a digital calendar which sets reminders that you need, especially when you are constantly working with deadlines. Few less things to worry about.

Thermos Flask

Every week I meal prep 4 days, whether it be soup, curry and rice, pasta, this thermos is amazing and well worth it’s price of £20 as it keeps your food hot for 8 plus hours. This is an amazing hack it you want to reduce the amount of time you are using the microwave.

Glass water bottle

It’s 2019 and I am going to be the no plastic queen. Drinking from PET or PETE #1 is terrible for you especially if you are reusing your plastic bottles more than once as it can harbour some bacteria on them. Even the manufacturers aren’t producing them with the intent that they would be reused.


We all know how the weather can be in England…

Google Pixel 2 XL

Those who have read my review on this phone knows exactly how I feel about this device and spoiler alert… I love it. Read my review to find out more.

Google Pixel 2 XL Review: https://wp.me/paiSLU-ba

Battery Pack

20,000mAh baby! One powerful pack to keep all your devices charged up, not that I need it with my Google Pixel 2 XL, it’s really for friends (Apple User’s :P) that are always running out of juice.

Wireless headphones

These headphones are the cheapest on Amazon, but they are the lightning fastest when it comes to connecting to a device, the sound quality isn’t that bad either.

Pencil case

  • Mechanical pencil
  • Red pencil
  • Blue pencil
  • Rubber pen from Muji
  • Ink pen
  • Ballpoint pen

Standard pencil case stuff.

Tip: The blue and red pencil could be used when sketching as you can use the one colour for the outline then use the other colour to go into more detail.


Amazon link:

Thermos flask:

Glass water bottle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B071CQYCKQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


A Complete Guide to Reusing Plastic Bottles: https://superfoodsrx.com/healthyliving/reusing-plastic-is-not-safe/



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