5 tips on LVLing up your job interviews

Interviews can cause us all unnecessary stress… Why add to this by not getting a few basic things out of the way? Here’s 5 tips for you to LVL up your job interviews and hopefully land you that new role!

  1. Preparation, preparation, preparation: Think you’d perform better with 0 preparation and are the master of winging it? Wrong. Even if this is the case, you should definitely be prepared and organised enough to know a bit about the company and the person interviewing you (check their LinkedIn, duh!). You should also have anything you have been asked to bring ready, such as examples of previous work or a copy of your CV.
  2. Dress well: Dressing well doesn’t have to break the bank or be a daunting task. You just need to find the right balance between smart and casual if you want to go towards a more relaxed yet cool look. You should, however, receive some information on how the company would like you to dress for the interview and follow this! A nice t-shirt and blazer combo is always a winner if you don’t want to go for the full on suit look!
  3. Be yourself: Don’t be afraid to show them who you are! Be yourself and make sure to smile and be sociable. In most cases, the interviewer is also looking to see if your personality matches the company’s current culture. But being yourself doesn’t mean you can go too much in either direction… If you seem too cold or rude or just make jokes throughout the interview., you probably won’t be getting that job. Basically, throw in a pun or two but focus on why you’re actually there!
  4. Be honest: Honesty is always the best policy. Almost everyone tells a few white lies to buff up their CVs but this doesn’t mean you should make up fake roles, companies or experience. You’d be putting yourself in a difficult situation, especially if said experience is required in your new job and you can’t complete any tasks. You may also get grilled on what you’ve written on your covering letter or CV and if you’re not prepared to take your lie to the end, you may end up shooting yourself in the foot!
  5. Arrive early! (or at least on time): So, you’ve prepared, gotten yourself dressed and you’re feeling a bit nervous (completely normal by the way), now what? Get yourself to the location of the interview! I’ve personally found it best to arrive 20 minutes or so early to show that you’re punctual. Some prefer to get there a few minutes before. Just. Don’t. Be. Late!

Good luck and just remember to do your best. No one can ask you for any more than that. If it’s meant to be, it will be!



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