Ping Pong Christmas Menu

Food Review: Is Ping Pong’s Christmas meal worth it?

It’s that time of the year again, the weather gets chillier, drinks are getting spicier and Christmas is around the corner. And I just ate my first meal off the Christmas menu at Ping Pong, now let me LVL with you about Christmas menu’s…

Now I maybe a little bias in this review as I generally don’t like Christmas-y flavours, namely cinnamon, ginger, fall fruits, pumpkin, mint, etc… plus the menu is more expensive than the normal menu! No thanks… I am basically the grinch of all Christmas-y foods.

So why did I go out to eat a Christmas menu? Well, mainly because I didn’t know the Christmas menu had started however I was curious what Asian Christmas menu’s entailed.

I chose the Christmas set menu which includes;

Fried food plate:

  • Pomegranate and seitan spring roll
  • Crispy duck spring roll
  • Prawn toast
  • Potato and edamame cake

Streamed food basket:

  • Spicy chicken dumpling
  • Spinach and mushroom dumpling (Vegetarian, Vegan)
  • Honey hoi sun duck dumpling
  • Chicken and cashew nut dumpling
  • Har gau (Gluten free)
  • Beijing quinoa gyoza (Vegetarian, Vegan)
  • Vegetable sticky rice (Vegetarian, Vegan)

Ping Pong Christmas Fried Food

This set contains a decent amount of food and has a large selection of flavours. First you get served the fried platter, now the way I like to eat my meals is to save the best to last, therefore I started with the pomegranate spring roll, which didn’t seem that appealing. The spring roll was ok as the flavour of the pomegranate didn’t come through, this was great for me since I am not a big fan of the fruity flavours, however if someone was, I would imagine they would be a little disappointed. The duck spring roll had not changed from the normal menu before and was amazing as usual crispy like the name suggests and delicious with the hoi sin sauce that comes with the plate.

Ping Pong Christmas Steamed Dumpling Platter

The best thing in this Ping Pong set meal was the prawn toast, which was made up of a steams prawn paste mount on top of sesame toasted base then deep fried to perfection; absolutely delightful. Bursting with flavour it had the crunch from the toast and the softness from the prawns, it had inspired me to make my own… stay tuned.

The last item from this plate was the potato and edamame cake which is also a regular on the normal set menu very good with a creamy potato inside which added texture from the edamame beans.

The second dish of food was the dumplings where Ping Pong added the honey hoi sun duck dumpling, spicy chicken dumpling which turned out did have a little bit of a kick to it. Instead of the rice dish they also switched the aubergine chicken rice which the vegetable sticky rice, which also looks very cute in it packaging, contained a small portion of rice.

All of this is at the cost of £15.95 however there is a 12.5% service charge that brings the total up to £17.95. This is £1 more than the normal lunch set meal which because of that prawn toast I am willing to let it slide. This is a fair value as the meal will fill you up for lunch and you will leave feeling satisfied.

Ping Pong

Suggestions to LVL up? This is a good Christmas lunch meal for a non-Christmas food lover. To LVL up they should make the prawn toast the main item on the fried plate, possible by making the portion size a lot bigger, why are you hiding the main event, Ping Pong? Also, with the dumplings I would say that chicken is a little too spicy as it distracts from the flavour of the chicken. Also, the portion of rice is very small, doubling the portion size would be great.

Food: LVL 7.5
Value: LVL 7
Service: LVL 7
Ambience: LVL 7


Overall LVL: 7/10 – Now I am never going to be a fan of Christmas menu’s, but this Christmas menu is worth checking out.

Special thanks to Ping Pong for the main header image. 


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