Elton John John Lewis Ad Some gifts are more than just a gift

John Lewis Christmas ad: ‘The Boy and The Piano’

It’s of no surprise that John Lewis manages to pull on our heart strings each and every time they release their annual impactful Christmas adverts.

Alongside their massively successful past ads (I’m talking to you, Monty the penguin!) incorporating solid implications and astute celebrity singers such as Lily Allen and Ellie Golding, John Lewis really manages to recreate the ‘Christmas feeling’ in a short video.

In the advertisement, which currently has over 1.8million views on Youtube, John Lewis plays homage to Elton John’s life, taking us through a reverse timeline of ages with the famous singer performing until we reach his childhood at Christmas, where he receives a piano as a gift.

We then return to the present Elton John solemnly smiling beside to a Christmas tree, with simple text appearing stating that ‘some gifts are more than just a gift’.

Although we don’t know if Elton did indeed receive a piano for Christmas as a kid, becoming the beginning to his musical journey and allowing him to create legendary songs such as ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Your Song’, the message behind the advert is a very touching one that is connotative to the meaning and results any gift can have on an individual, big or small. This relates to Elton with this particular gift shaping the rest of his life.

John Lewis adverts always seem to have a subtle and bittersweet message causing us to feel a sense of sentimentality. They seem to convey their heartwarming ideas across without big explosions of Christmas colours and decorations and avoid being in your face trying to put their point across, ultimately allowing us to feel the warm Christmas feeling that we all know and love.

Ad LVL: 9/10



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