Thrifting Charity Shop

The charity shop cop

I genuinely believe that the best way to LVL up your wardrobe is by going thrifting and securing that wavey bargain.


My love of charity shops stemmed from uni days in Norwich – I know the sleepy Norfolk countryside isn’t the first place that would come to mind when thinking of where to buy wavey garms, however, you’d be surprised. You were never far from a couple of shops that would have a few hidden gems that the locals didn’t see value for anymore.


Here are a few of my favourite tops that are all from charity shops:


Around £20                                                                Around £20

Charity shop cop: £5                                              Charity shop cop: £5 


Around £100                                                                Around £40

Charity shop cop: £15                                              Charity shop cop: £5 


Around £30-40                                                           Around £40

Charity shop cop: £3                                              Charity shop cop: £4 

My favourite part of charity shop coppin is looking through the random items that my friends and I definitely both did and didn’t need.

Like this rail for example…


As well as a lot of bric-a-brac that made our student house, a home.


Tips for charity shop coppin:

  • Be prepared to rummage
  • Check all the labels – you will definitely find some high-end names
  • Be adventurous – back yourself and buy something that you wouldn’t usually wear
  • Visit often – the more you visit, the more likely you are to find something you like
  • If you don’t feel like leaving the house, Oxfam has an online shop so you can thrift from the comfort of your own home, see the site here.




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