Christmas by the fireplace

Christmas has come early at the Country Living Christmas Fair!

Ho ho ho! It’s officially November, Halloween has passed and the weather is getting chillier by the day… This can only mean one thing, the countdown to Christmas has begun.

It’s no surprise that the warm feeling of Christmas Day approaching is a very exciting one, with plans being made and lists being written. ‘What will I get everyone this year!?’ you may be asking yourself as you pick your favourites who deserve a gift this time around.

One great place to start is at the Country Living Magazine’s own Christmas fair, showcasing an accumulation of various Christmas activities, stalls and decor that will put you right in the mood for festivities.

Upon entry, you’re greeted with a goody bag full of interesting items and a glass of white or red wine (free stuff and alcohol? We’re sold!). You immediately notice the rows of Christmas trees and the smell of various wintery floral scents gliding through the air from items on sale on stalls to your nose. An impressive decor is immediately detectable connoting the deep and careful effort that has been put into the event by organisers.





CL's Christmas Fair gift bag
CL’s Christmas fair goodie bag

Amongst this abundance of decor, lights and stalls, lies a crowd of happy individuals shopping for friends, family or simply for themselves. A brass orchestra playing a Christmas carol and a warm atmosphere leading you up to a masterpiece Christmas tree at the middle of the event. You can’t help but look up and feel as though you are being hugged by Christmas itself! The only thing missing? Snow of course!

It’s not all shopping though, you can also get yourselves some crafting tips from the various workshops that can be pre-booked or purchased on-site at the event. You’ll be taught by some skilful individuals about creating a vast range of Christmassy crafts, such as Christmas paper garlands or handmade decorations.

After hours of running stall to stall and getting those presents out of the way, you can satisfy the appetite you may have worked up by visiting the food theatre, selling food and alcohol and giving out free tasters… We know… It just got a heck of a lot better.

Whether it’s cheese, gin, curries or halva, it’s all there, with friendly stall-runners passing out small tasters, ready to answer any questions you may have. Our favourites were definitely the cheese and chutney, gin (of course) and cake tasters. All very tasty and offered at a fair price. You can even visit the Country Living Kitchen, allowing for some free tips and tricks to creating interesting canapés, puddings and much more to summon your inner chef this Christmas.

Just one warning though! Once you’re done with your shopping and are full from the tasters available, you may feel a sadness as you prepare to leave. Afterall, there’s still some time until Christmas!

The Country Living Christmas Fair runs in London (7-11 November), Glasgow (15-18 November) and Harrogate (29 November-2 December), so you have a lot of opportunity to attend. Prices range from £0-27.50 for a standard ticket (depending on age/package) and £65 for VIP tickets.

LVL rating: 9/10. Nothing beats the feeling and warmth of Christmas. This event really draws into that ‘something special’ and gives you a range of different things to do to get you into the festive spirit! Yule love it for sure.

Merry early Christmas! 😉🎄



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