Pizza Union Cocktail

Cocktail of the week! – Pizza Union

This week on cocktail of the week: Pizza Union’s Frozen Margarita & Bellini Fragola.

I know, I know… You may be thinking ‘That’s two cocktails of the week, not one!’ but with that price, who cares?

Ingredients (according to menu): 

Frozen Margarita: Tequila · Lime · Rosemary

Bellini Fragola: Prosecco · Strawberry


Frozen Margarita: £3.50

Bellini Fragola: £3.80

At this cheap pizza restaurant where the queues reach out of the doors and to the street, a short but sweet cocktail menu lies. Cheap, cheerful and does the job just right; Pizza Union, with it’s cool decor, may just be the perfect combination with it’s delicious pizza and cocktails.

Pizza Union Lion

With the frozen margarita you could definitely taste the tequila, (which usually, would be a good thing) but when you’re slowly sipping away at what seemed like a large frozen tequila shot, you can’t help but pucker your lips and slightly cringe. Sadly, with this one you couldn’t taste the hint of rosemary.

The second cocktail, was a strong one. The bubbles from the prosecco went straight to my head and made me queasy right away. Again, the taste of strawberry wasn’t really there, so it just felt as though I was having a normal glass of prosecco. Again, pretty sour if you ask me.

Tipsy LVL: 7/10, man did that prosecco go to my head!
Cocktail LVL:
4.5, taste wise the cocktails weren’t that great. The price was what bumped it up and otherwise it would have been lower.
Suggestions to LVL up: price wise the cocktail is great (even though it was a small glass) – the taste, on the other hand wasn’t up to par at all. You could definitely taste the alcohol, though, which I guess is what you want in the end.



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