Up the Creek

Up the Creek Comedy Night Saturday Night + After Party

Watched many comedy stand-up shows on Netflix? Want to experience it live?

Well if you’re up for a laugh on a Saturday night come to the ‘Up the Creek’ comedy club, it beats staying in.

Entering the comedy club, I felt a buzz in the air, people was down to have a good time. It was reasonably full, and everyone had a drink in one hand – the night was looking up.

Up the Creek Stage

First on stage was the host who was hilarious and could work the crowd whilst handling the heckling. He is the dirty grandpa that you never wanted but glad showed up tonight, being one of the highlights of the night with his charming, crude humour.


The first comedian up, Nick Dixxon (@NickDixxon) was full of self-deprecating, witty jokes with his comical take on mundane London life, mainly the fact that the longer you live in London the worse you become. The dry delivery of his tone adds to the fed up, sad man persona which makes the jokes more hysterical plus everyone loves a bit of British humour.

Being a first-timer at a comedy show, I’m not sure if people bombing (doing a very bad job) is a common thing… but man is it cringey.

The next comedian put on an over-dramatic, cringey performance that did not land. The first botched joke happened half way through the performance and after a few drinks down from the intermission, the audience was not on his side. After that you could tell he couldn’t quite recover.

He then processed to botch the last joke which also took a while to get to which lead the audience to get restless followed by more heckling. Plus most of his responses to the heckling was, ‘I was not expecting that,’ which isn’t very banter-y or funny. He didn’t even get to finish his set before the audience demanded him to take his pants off. It was definitely not his night but like he said it was the ‘the night he deserves, but the night he needed’ (Batman reference).

Selfishly thinking, it was my first comedy show and he did give me my first bombing experience and for that I am grateful. I am not going to name and shame him as I’m pretty sure doesn’t want to be reminded of this night.

vk_7Ef2V_400x400Slim (@SLIMcomedian) was the final comedian to grace the stage with his presence, the south-east London bred ex-bus driver made audience roar with laugher, a pretty large feet after the disastrous previous performance. The comedian covered topics from family dynamics, generational difference and entertaining commentary on race.

As a woman in my early twenties I find that the crowd skewed older and was not afraid to speak their minds, so audience participation was through the roof – maybe a little too much at times which I can imagine can be pretty intimidating. This crowd was down for a laugh, which is all you could hope for a comedy night like this.

Staff was lovely and attentive, drinks were reasonable priced, and I loved the retro wooden décor combined with funky neon lights. The stage was set up in a way that made the room feel intimate which made from a more relaxed feel.

As it was a Saturday night we stayed for the after party, the downside is that for the amount of space there was the place felt a little empty, so it didn’t have a party feel. Song choices was pretty good with a mix of classic disco mixed in with some modern R’n’B/ pop dance tunes, however the transition on the songs was abrupt which can mess up the flow when dancing. But with good company and more drinks down you can still have a great time.

And all that for £14 (£12 for students), after party included! It’s a bargain for a lively, hilarious night out in London.

Suggestions to LVL up? For the comedy club I don’t think they could do a better job, the only thing I would suggest is from more stage time for the host, possible for him to do his own set. As for the After party if they got more people to attend and a better DJ it would take the evening to another LVL.


Overall LVL: 7.5/10 – Going to a comedy show has been on the top of my list of things to do for a while and I am pleased to say I can cross it off my list and probably put it back on as I will 100% go again.


Special thanks to Up the Creek for the images in this post, the the images of the comedian also comes from the respective comedian’s Twitter.

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