Thank U, next

Song review: Ariana Grande’s thank u, next

Surprise! New track alert.

Ariana Grande’s new album was amazing, but… thank u, next Ari!

After an era of success being number one in countless charts and iTunes countries, Ariana is (already) back with a new banger called thank u, next. A mature song dedicated to her exes and the things each of them have taught her, or caused her.

Where her last album spoke about her love for ex fiancé Pete Davidson, this empowering track sees off that relationship as well as previous ones such as with her ex Mac Miller, who sadly passed away due to an overdose in September.

The song speaks volumes of Ariana’s growth and really illustrates that she has found her voice in her last album and she isn’t looking to lose that soon.

She’s not crying for anyone in the track, or begging for them back. She’s not dissing or calling them out. She’s simply telling us about what she’s learned from the relationships when she sings ‘One taught me love, one taught me patience and one taught me pain’. She also soothingly exclaims that she’s ‘so fuckin’ grateful’ for her ex.

As always, Grande’s strong and soothing vocals work together to create a track that makes you want to sigh but also smile to yourself, reminding you of your own life. The ‘my life is not over without you’ vibe she’s giving with thank u, next really makes you feel happy to move on and be thankful for what you’ve learned from previous relationships, be it good or bad. Just in time for Thanksgiving too!

Also, it’s very sweet that she made homage to her late ex, Mac Miller, who she refers to as an ‘angel’ in the track.

In the second verse, Grande states that she has met someone else, an intelligent reference to herself and how she has found companionship with herself, allowing her to spend more time with her friends and focus on herself.

The song closes with a repetition of ‘thank u, next’ and a bittersweet feeling of happiness. Even if she has loved and lost, she has learned love, patience and how to handle pain.

Song LVL: 9.5, soothing yet also makes us feel thankful for what we’ve learned from our exes. 

Suggestions to LVL up: Honestly, it’s difficult to think of what could be improved. I would have liked it to be a bit more lively, but I’m loving it either way.

Click here to listen to the song now!

Thank u, next



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