10 things to do with pumpkins this Halloween

Want to be #Squashgoals this Halloween or season but don’t know how? Love a good pumpkin but never know what to do with one once you have it? You’ve come to the right place… 🎃

With Halloween creeping closer, it’s the perfect time to get into the spirit by grabbing some pumpkins and trying some of the tips on this list!

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch and grab your own. There’s something about going to a field with friends or family and picking the perfect pumpkin for yourself. Great for an Instagram but also very autumnal!
  2. Carve them! This may seem like an obvious one, but in reality everyone knows it’s a fun activity to do with your friends (minus the mess). Carve them to look scary, funny or even a tribute to your favourite person on a series or film. You could even have a little pumpkin carving competition and blow the opposition out of the water. Use left over pumpkin insides for other steps on this list and you’re good to go!
  3. Make pumpkin pie. Surely I can’t be the only person wanting to try a pumpkin pie this year? Grab those innards and start baking! If you can’t be bothered, find yourself a ready made pastry base, some tinned pumpkin and follow this recipe.
  4. Decorate with it. So much opportunity here… Paint the pumpkin white and add some material or simply leave it as is and decorate your house or work desk with full sized or munchkin pumpkins. Or better yet, carve the pumpkin and then show off your design. You’ll have everyone saying ‘oh my gourd’ in no time.
  5. Homemade pumpkin spiced latte. Go on… Be a basic witch. We all know someone (guilty) who loves pumpkin spiced a latte. Follow this easy recipe to make your own!
  6. Pumpkin fondue. Stay with me on this one. Make a cheese fondue IN the pumpkin. No messy sticky saucepans. Just cheesy goodness! Think you can do gouda enough? Recipe here. Again, use the insides to make something else!
  7. Cocktail bowl. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin and mix up a few dangerous drinks to make yourself a cocktail with a cool twist. Who wouldn’t be impressed with this at a Halloween party or dinner? Instructions here.
  8. Make wedges. Move over potato wedges, we’ve got a new Autumnal twist. Roast these beauties to have a great side to any main. Follow the recipe here.
  9. Pumpkin bread. Again, move over classic banana bread! Pumpkin bread is exactly what we knead with a coffee to keep that Autumn vibe going. Recipe here.
  10. Pumpkin candle holder. Light up your life and decorate with this cool candle holder. Use munchkin/mini pumpkins for best results with some tea-light candles. Cut around the stem and scoop out the insides and put your candle in there! Here’s a list (with instructions) of different candle holders you can make.

So get smashed and get creating! Do you have any cool ideas of things to do with pumpkins? If so, comment below and let us know or send any photos of attempts you’ve had to magazinelvl@gmail.com and it may be shared on our Instagram!


Special thanks to Tesco, Pexel & Guidepatterns for the images in this post

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