5 Tips to LVL up in Productivity

Finding that you are unmotivated or don’t know where to start? Here are tips that might help you.

    Due dates are the perfect way to motivate you however many people don’t know how to create ones that work. The key is to make achievable objective goals. What do I mean? Well, say you’ve got a goal to write a book, a goal on your to-do list will not be, ‘Write a book (insert unattainable due date)’. Sound silly? Well, you would be surprised how many people do this! Instead, make the goal time-based and write down what you want to achieve from the task, doing this will ensure steady growth.
  2. Priorities
    There are two ways of dealing with this. Some people do the hardest thing on the list first with the logic of getting the more pressing things done so that you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day. The other method is to complete little tasks with the logic of building up momentum to do the bigger task at hand as sometimes you don’t want to start the bigger task as it may be too daunting. With this tip you’ll be knocking out tasks left, right and centre. At the end of the day if you just start, you may find yourself really getting into it.
  3. Do a little everyday + Reflect
    Do something every day! Starting on that daily grind is very effective as little daily improvement over time will lead to steady progress.Be sure to schedule time in to reflect, otherwise you might yourself steering off to another direction. Avoiding a problem in the first place is often the best way to avoid them!
  4. Looking at examples/ followers
    How do the people you admire do it? There has there never been a time where Bloggers/ Vloggers are more prevalent. Whatever you want to do, be it, starting an online shop, eating healthier, learning a skill etc… there are tons of experts online willing to help in exchange for your eyeballs. Looking at their previous work, is the perfect way to help motivate you plus you can pick up their tips and tricks as well as learning from their mistakes. Something to keep in mind, so bloggers/ vloggers may glorify their day to day, not everyone is going to admit that they ate pizza and watched Netflix the whole day so take their, ‘day in the life…’ with a pinch of salt.
  5. Get some ZZZ’s…
    Your brain can not function at its optimum level if it’s not recovering from a tiresome day. I know this day in age, everyone is starting empires, socialising and running at 80 miles per hour but your brain needs to recover and there is no quick fix for this. Being sleep deprived can also cause a multitude of problems, mentally and physically. Treat yourself to a goodnights rest, it does wonders. Hydrating the brain won’t hurt it either.

See there is no glamour hack or trick to do, you just have to buckle down and do the work, but once you get started and keep at it and results will follow.

If you’ve got more tips to share for more productivity, share them in the comments below.



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