Food Review: Flat Iron Steakhouse + Free Ice-cream

My favourite meal in the whole world is steak and no place does it better than Flat Iron in London…

Not only is this steak super affordable at £11.00 per steak, it’s also a steal when you taste the quality of the meat plus it includes a fresh house-leaf salad, which is a perfectly good meal on its own.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it came to steak house restaurants was that their ‘rare’ was really just medium rare. And I like mine still dancing on my plate, this place is brave enough to cook your steak bloody, which is a testimony to how fresh the meat is.


There are many side options you can choose from, but I would also urge you to try the, ‘Dripping Chip Batch #128’, it’s delicious! With a name like that it shows in the final product? Flat Iron knows how to cook their chips, golden brown with crispy pieces, these chips also pairs well with the béarnaise sauce (£1.00), a mayonnaise/ vinegar tangy sauce which takes the chips to a whole other LVL. One portion priced at the low cost of £3.50.

I’d 100% suggest that you order the peppercorn sauce as an add on with £1. The creaminess of the sauce complements the tenderness of the steak. The pepperiness of the highlights the makes every bite fulfilling and flavoursome.


Can you tell this place gets you with their add-ons? You can really be mad at them as each add on isn’t an after-thought for them but a tasty addition to your meal.

The dining experience is adorable down to the mini sized cleaver, which I NEED. The sides come in metal blue and white pots which has a fresh homemade vibe, like it came straight from the garden. It’s one of those places that has many big tables and you would most likely sit with stranger, luckily the seating is spaced out in a way so you can gorge on your steak comfortably. The ambience however get loud as this place is the eat and go due to the large amount of people coming in and out.

IMG_20181008_201114  MVIMG_20181008_205357  img_20181008_200456.jpg

We did have to wait 1 hour and a half on a Tuesday evening, but having gone there before I knew this steak was worth it. The best way to get a seat at this place is to go up to the door and speak to one of Flat Iron’s staff, they would then take your number and text two times, once immediately, on roughly how long it will take till your table is free and secondly, 10 min before, they would then call when the table is ready. Simple and easy!

Tip: Go to the Flat Iron on Henrietta Street, this place is the only location that does a free salted caramel ice-cream with chocolate flakes. Also, if you go with other people, get different sides and share so you can taste the range of food Flat Iron has to offer.


Suggestions to lvl up? What do we want? Free ice-cream! Where do we want it? EVERYWHERE! It would be great if all locations has free ice-cream that comes with you meal.

Food: LVL 10
Value: LVL 10
Service: LVL 9
Ambience: LVL 8


Overall LVL: 9/10 – There is no secret that I LOVE this place. Great steak at a bargain of a price + Free ice-cream! A must go place in London.




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