Cocktail of the week! – 47 drunken monkeys

This week on cocktail of the week: Ping Pong Dimsum (London Bridge)’s signature ’47 drunken monkeys’.

Ingredients (according to menu): Monkey 47 Gin, Pedro Ximenez tonic and pink grapefruit, served with fresh lavender and a sphere of smoked ice.

Price: £9.45

Amid the Asian themed decor and relaxed vibe lies a gem of a restaurant serving a vast range of dim sum and cocktails.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
The bar at Ping Pong

With such an interesting abundance of signature as well as classic cocktails available to order, I had no idea what to go for this time round! Would I go for a chocolate orange negroni to satisfy my sweet tooth? Or would I choose the namesake ‘The Ping Pong’?

Neither was the answer! The title ’47 drunken monkeys’ just sold the cocktail to me, presenting me with vivid thoughts of dancing drunk monkeys handing me my exotic cocktail. It also helped that I thought ‘smoked ice’ meant that I’d have a cocktail with smoke pouring out of it.

In reality, the cocktail was an orange liquid, with a slice of grapefruit and ice, adorned with a sprig of lavender. Classy. I thought, as I took my first sip, let down that there was no smoke coming out of my glass. I immediately understood that smoked ice literally meant that the ice had a smoked aftertaste, which, surprisingly came through! The cocktail was a perfect mix of bitter and sweet and had the smallest hint of lavender which really brought it all together. Was it a glorified gin & tonic? Maybe… Was it good? Definitely. It reminded me a bit of an Aperol Spritz.

Although at some restaurants I find that the cocktails are made a bit lazily, i.e missing the aesthetic aspects promised in the menu, this cocktail is something I would definitely order again. Not sickly or sour AND it felt like it was pretty light, so no guilt!

Tipsy LVL: 3/10 – Slight light headedness suddenly came on but wasn’t strong enough.
Cocktail LVL: 
8/10 – The food and the cocktail were great. The price was higher compared to other cocktails on the menu. Wasn’t strong enough. Also, I wanted some dry ice smoke up in there!

Suggestions to LVL up: it could’ve been a tad bit stronger with a more potent hint of lavender.





One thought on “Cocktail of the week! – 47 drunken monkeys

  1. An excellent review that’s been clearly crafted by a connoisseur of Beverages.
    I find myself at awe with your vivid and imagination-enticing way of storytelling, and at times, felt as though I was at the establishment with you, enjoying a brew; laughing along at the lack of smoke erupting from your drink.

    The only mistake that I feel that you made was showing the establishment before the “47 drunken monkeys” as the review is about the drink and not the place you’ve procured it.

    Thank you for the excellent review, that’s captured my imagination and forced me to ask myself the question; why aren’t I partaking in such a clearly extraordinary drink?




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