Food Review: Café Rouge (Quayside Road) – Boeuf Bourguignon + Food Deal

Want a quick bite for lunch? Cafe Rouge is the place to go…

If you find yourself trapped in hustle and bustle of London life, escape to St. Katharine Docks and relax at Café Rouge. This French-style restaurant serves a huge array of dishes, that includes burgers, steaks and classic French dishes and hosts an impressive assortment of beverages from cocktails to beer and, of course, wine. With a pleasant, relaxed ambience and a lovely view of the docks, this is an ideal spot to kick up your feet, eat and have a good chat with family and friends.

As for food, nothing can beat the combination of beef and red wine. The boeuf bourguignon dish is for lovers of decadent food as the meat is slow-cooked and served in a rich gravy, with chunks of bacon, sweets shallots and mushrooms which gave the gravy a deeper flavour. The dish also included mash that balance the richness of the dish.

The main event was the beef as it was tender and easy to bite this was complemented perfectly with the red wine gravy.

The service is standard, which works for a quick bite to eat, nothing to complain about as the food came out around 15 min after we ordered. After the payment, they accept card or cash, I left full and content with my dining experience.

Tip: With a taste card it where you could get 2 dishes for the price of 1 which is an amazing bargain.

Suggestions to LVL up? The only thing about the meal was that towards the end the dish got a tad salty, which I find can happen to many decedent dishes. What I woudl recommend to Café Rouge is that the dish comes with a side of vegetable to even out the saltiness of the gravy, it also adds more colour to the dish, which is always great for the grams/ reviews 😉

Food: LVL 6
Value: LVL 7
Service: LVL 5
Ambience: LVL 6


Overall LVL: 6/10 – So Café Rouge, would definitely recommend to a friend, great food, lovely scenery, what’s not to like?



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