iOS 12.1 New Emoji review & where to use them

For those of you who haven’t enrolled for Apple’s beta program, you can expect a fun little surprise when the iOS 12.1 update comes around.

Why you might ask? Will our phones be faster? Will our batteries last longer? Well, umm.. Probably not. BUT, we are getting new emojis!

That’s right, Apple has announced that they’re releasing a heap of new emojis in this new update with emojis for different animals (such as a badger and llama) and even foods (bagel and cupcake).

The emojis are interesting, although some can (and have by many who are unhappy with the new choices) be deemed a bit pointless compared to what we could have.

Without further adieu, lets look at our top 5 emojis from the new update and where you could use them.

1. Nazar Amulet ios-121-emoji-update-luggage-boots-compass-10012018: The Nazar amulet is a well known legacy of the Ottoman empire and is frequently used in Turkey and other Asian countries to protect the user from ‘evil eye’ or negative energy from others where it is thought that it nullifies such illnesses. It is often thought that if someone with bad intentions compliments something a lot (such as a child) that thing becomes susceptible to said negative energy and something bad may happen to it (such as the child becoming ill).

How it could be used: ‘Wow! You look so beautiful today! ios-121-emoji-update-luggage-boots-compass-10012018

2. Salt Shaker  ios-121-emoji-update-salt-lettuce-bagel-cupcake-10012018 : No, we don’t mean this in the ‘my food has no salt’ sense. With the prevalence of the word ‘salty’ for people who are upset, agitated or mad about something, this Emoji becomes a perfect way to make your point.

How it could be used: ‘Someones a bit salty today… ios-121-emoji-update-salt-lettuce-bagel-cupcake-10012018

3. Drunk face apple-emoji-iphone-ios-12.jpgDoes this little guy not embody most of us after one too many? You could even use it to mimic someone like the Spongebob meme.

How it could be used:  Person 1: ‘djefweuf apple-emoji-iphone-ios-12.jpg‘ Person 2: ‘Someone’s a little drunk again…’

4. Receipt apple-emoji-iphone-ios-12.jpgAnother modern slang word. Another word for evidence or proof. May be a screenshot, image or chat.

How it could be used: Person 1: ‘You ate a dog biscuit last night!’ Person 2: ‘What?! I don’t believe you, show me the receipts! apple-emoji-iphone-ios-12.jpg

5. Loved face iOS-121-emoji-update-party-mooncake-love-10012018 : Probably one of the cutest faces of the new Emoji update. Looks like it’s feeling a lot of love and is very content. 10/10.

How it could be used: Person 1: ‘You’re awesome!’ Person 2: iOS-121-emoji-update-party-mooncake-love-10012018

What do you think of the new emojis? Are there any you’d like to see when the final release happens? Comment below and let us know!



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